My Story

My journey as a healer began in 2008 when I first discovered the true power of intention and focused energy.  It was at my grandmothers bedside in her final days of life that I saw, first hand, how the energy body is a real and integral part of our existence. And, with focused intention, trust and faith, we have the ability to assist others in healing.  As I explored alternative healing methods, I was introduced to Reiki in 2010.  Along the Reiki path, I discovered my own natural and intuitive healing abilities, which opened up a whole new realm of aptitude.  

Following my interests, I continued to reveal more tools and healing modalities that I added to my repertoire.  In 2017, the healing road led me to yoga teacher training, where I learned the importance of mindfulness and connection in breath, movement and Life as a whole.   

In my practice, I combine my natural gifts, tools, knowledge, intuition and divine guidance, allowing healing energy—Life Force—to flow where it needs to go in order to have the greatest effect.

My intention with this work is to SERVE humanity in the most impactful and effective way possible. My dream is to create and live in a world where everyone knows that they matter and have a purpose in Life.  That we are ALL worthy of Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Well-Being; and that we are safe to live Life authentically and uniquely as who We Are born to be.

I Am grateful for this gift and opportunity to support humanity and the planet in healing.

Give Thanks and With Love,